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February 28, 2017


BAND Shores Of Null 2017 - official

Rome-based metal band Shores Of Null have announced their second album, ‘Black Drapes For Tomorrow’, which will be released via Candlelight / Spinefarm Records on April 14th, 2017.

Following their highly acclaimed debut “Quiescence”, the gloom maestros are back with an album full of wistful-yet-powerful riffs, blackened aggression and epic melancholy-ridden vocals.

Produced by Marco Mastrobuono at Kick Recording Studio (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour Of Penance), ‘Black Drapes For Tomorrow’ is a profoundly dark outing both musically and lyrically, forging a seamless and overflowing blend of genres into a boiling pot of multi-layered sounds.


1. Tributary Waters

2. Donau

3. Tide Against Us

4. House Of Cries

5. Black Drapes For Tomorrow

6. The Enemy Within

7. Carry On, My Tiny Hope

8. We Ain’t Ashes

9. A Thousand Storms

10. The Kolyma Route

11. Death Of A River


An intense live schedule in support of this release sees them embarking upon a European tour with Harakiri For The Sky and Sylvaine; they are also set to make several Italian appearances opening for Candlemass, with more shows still to be announced.

The album title leaves no room for misinterpretation; Shores Of Null are back with a burden of gloom and darkness.