7 Mar 2013

Interview with Cronos from VENOM!

Invisible Oranges had a chat with Cronos and this is what he had to say...

About Punk VS Metal: "I mixed the ingredients of Punk Music’s aggression and the heaviness of the Rock and Metal Music to make Black Metal, a combination of all the extreme elements of each style. A lot of Punk fans got into Venom and it was awesome for to see both Punks and Rockers at our shows in the early 1980s, the divide was gone, they both were there to see Venom, and now the ball was well and truly rolling"

About Venom's lyrics:   "..that’s the idea behind Black Metal, I write songs about the world we live in, good and bad. I never wanted to just write Venom songs about drinking whisky and your wife leaving you with the dog, so I have the freedom to write about many different subjects, but as the saying goes . . . the Devil has the best tunes".

Read the whole inteview HERE!

Interview with Cronos from VENOM!


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