Band Background

Swedish metal group SHINING was founded by sole remaining original member Niklas Kvarforth in 1996.

Two years later SHINING released their debut 7”, “Submit To Self-Destruction” through Kvarforth’s own, newly formed record label Selbstmord Services. The release caused a stir throughout the scene; Kvarforth had given birth to what people today refer to as “Suicidal Black Metal”. “I / Within Deep Dark Chambers”, Shining’s first full-length album, followed in 2000, and “II / Livets Ändhållplats” just six months later.

In 2002, all members (referred to, by maestro Kvarforth himself, as his tool-box) were fired and new ones brought in. New drummer Hellhammer helped shape a more solid sound on 2003s “III / Angst” and 2004s “IV / The Eerie Cold”, both of which were released by the Italian label Avantgarde Music. SHINING then focused on bringing their vision and controversial live-performances to Europe, and for a while it seemed like SHINING had become a solid live-act. But once again, the frontman’s mental health resulted in cancelled tours, physical and psychological fights within the band, and eventually a breakup.

Kvarforth then assembled a new line-up, signed a contract with Osmose Productions and started working on the fifth album “V / Halmstad”, which was released in 2007. Thanks to the enormous success and impact of the album, SHINING started headlining several festivals throughout Europe and South America, as well as touring both as a headliner, and as a support act for bands such as SATYRICON and MAYHEM.
Several line-up changes later, SHINING entered the studio again and recorded two albums in one session.
The first of these albums, VI / Klagopsalmer was released in 2009 after which the band once again went on the road, headlining as well as supporting WATAIN. In 2011 SHINING signed to Spinefarm Records who then released VII / Född Förlorare, and SHINING received their first gold disc for their single “Förtvivlan, Min Arvedel” in their home-country Sweden.
In January 2012 after several line up changes Kvarforth, guitarist Peter Huss and bassist Christian Larsson entered Andy LaRocque’s Sonic Train Studios to record the cover EP “Lots of Girls Gonna Get Hurt” and SHINING’s eight album.

“Lots of Girls Gonna Get Hurt” sparked controversy with its pop-themed choice of cover songs, but SHINING assures us that the world hasn’t seen nothing yet... As Kvarforth himself says: “Shining VIII is without a doubt the darkest album of our career”.



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