One Morning Left

Band Background

The new way. Everything about their music and new album (The Bree-Teenz) screams fresh, screams “you have and will never hear anything like this”. One Morning Left bases their success on D.I.Y. massive and well planned Internet promotion, something that can be seen from the trip singer Miksu and drummer Tomppa did in mid-June: They drove a pink tandem bicycle from Vaasa to Helsinki, spanning 422km – just because they could.

Hailing from freezing cold Vaasa in the north of Finland, One Morning Left is not afraid of being corny or uncool, instead they concentrate on making the kind of music that they want to hear in the way and style they want to do it. Mixing all kinds of genres of music from the most explicit of heavy riffs to European techno then going on to Finnish hip-hop, coming back with pig squeals and then adding the most in-tune clean emo vocals you will hear in a long time to come.

Unlike many bands nowadays, One Morning Left can also deliver live, as witnessed in their shows all throughout Finland as well as in Europe. From screaming young girls to the most loyal men fans, be prepared to see anything at a One Morning Left show, or you may land up suffering a heart attack.

The world should start preparing themselves as well as they can, because The Bree-Teenz will be released on the 24th of August, and once it has been experienced, listening to music will never be the same again. All your favourite bands will feel like they were never worth your time in the first place.

One Morning Left is here and is here to stay. Do you dare not to experience the Bree-Teenz?!

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