Band Background

MyGrain saw the daylight in the summer of 2004, as Tommy (vocals), Resistor (guitar) and Matthew (guitar), band mates since 1999 from the recently disbanded New Science Band picked up the pieces and started over. The new group's initial purpose was just to play some rough metal with melodies. After completing their lineup with DJ Locomotive (drums), Eve (synths) & Jonas (bass), the sextet's 2nd independent release, The Red Frame, caught the attention of Spinefarm Records, with whom a deal was soon signed.

The first fruit of label collaboration was 2006's Orbit Dance. The debut album featured eleven songs of modern metal with influences of both Nordic melodic death metal and the American style. Being the live band myGrain are, they focused on touring Finnish venues after the release of Orbit Dance but while still on tour, they forged another batch of songs and in February 2008 their 2nd album Signs of Existence was released. The sophomore album developed myGRAIN’s edgy, melodic sound into a style deeper, more original and vastly more confident.

"Third time is the charm", they say. This time 'they' are right.

Taking their effort up another notch and carving a niche of their own somewhere between the violent technicality of Children of Bodom and pop sensibilities and modern approach of In Flames, yet armed with otherworldly subject matter completely of their own, myGrain's space metal is here and it will kick your sorry derriere to the Moon orbit. Earth-shattering, tsunami-inducing guitar riffs, extraterrestial keyboard soundscapes and the immaculate balance between brutal and melodic vocals go for the jugular and never let go.

Upping the ante in both catchiness and technicality and finally cementing Tommy as one of the better vocalists of the genre, the Finns' eponymous album is sure to kick in some doors and raise some serious hell. The steep ascent of myGrain has already been noted in their homeland where the band is already lined up to perform at the prestigious Finnish Metal Expo, the focal point of all things metal in Europe, next February. With their new horde of abductees, featuring producer J. Joutsenniemi (Ensiferum, Kiuas) and mixing/mastering engineer Dan Swanö, and a lethal album to boot, the band's confidence is soaring for a reason.

Resistance is futile. You WILL be assimilated.

New album coming in April 2013




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