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Known for its innovators in extreme metal Celtic Frost & Coroner and hard rock heavyweights Gotthard, Switzerland has never been considered a hotbed of melodic death metal groups. But that's about to change.

Consisting of six uniquely talented youngsters, Lugano's Dreamshade was formed in 2006 by guitarists Rocco and Fella. Their self-financed EP “To The Edge Of Reality”, released in 2008, gained an excellent response around the globe and during the last two years the band has played several big European summer festivals (Metal Camp, Summer Breeze, Metalfest etc.) and some support shows with bigger names of the metal scene. Dreamshade's music is a totally new take on melodic death metal with a twist of prog metal, that together with emotional harmonies creates an atmosphere like of which you've never heard before.

Their musicianship already drawing comparisons to the giants of the genre, Children Of Bodom, Dreamshade is now ready to take on the world. But what sets the Swiss sextet apart from their peers, is their capability of packing strong melodies full of emotion to the lush, dare we say almost symphonic instrumentation. Just when you thought melodic death metal has reduced into flogging a dead horse, Dreamshade comes raging like a storm and refreshes the genre like a warm Alpine breeze. Simultaneously brutal and gentle, Dreamshade is unprecedentedly energetic and skillful and now they've put together an album that can be only described as a leap forward in melodic death metal in general. I kid you not.

The band's debut album “What Silence Hides” was recorded at Cave Studios in Switzerland, produced by Etan Genini of BlackAce, mixed by Fredrik Nordström at Fredman Studio in Gothenburg, Sweden, and mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound in New York, USA.

Their second album 'The Gift of Life' will be out on January 25th 2103, stay tuned for more info.





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