Bloodred Hourglass

Band Background

Bloodred Hourglass, formerly known as “BRHG”, is a thrash-metal band from Mikkeli, Finland. Originally formed in 2005, this group of five been reaping some nice and growing success inside metal-circles, mainly by the unforgivingly hard and consistent live performances played so far.

After a few self-released demos, which of “Deviant Grace” mainly claimed the group a lot of attention, in 2011 BRHG compeleted the recordings for the debut album called “Lifebound”, and finally in April 2012 signed a record deal with Spinefarm Records.

Bloodred Hourglass is a mixture of groove, melody, aggression and catchy choruses with basis hanging tight on thrash-metal. Straight-forward hardcore-elements together with influences from even orchestral music add up to our sound making this something completely unique.

“Lifebound” will be released in November 2012. Boundaries shall be broken. We told you.

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