Straight Line Stitch

Band Background

The world of rock & metal has never been top-heavy with truly great female singers; yes, there have been a few stand-out names, the likes of Doro Pesch from Warlock and Skin from Skunk Anansie, but they have been very much the exception…

Well, now a brand new name can be added to this (short)list – Alexis Brown from Tennessee rockers, Straight Line Stitch. With the impassioned & powerful vocals of this star-singer-in-the-making leading the way, SLS have been steadily ascending the rock & metal ranks as the result of quality song-writing and full-tilt musicianship, married to an approach to touring that can best be described as ‘determined’. 

There’s no question that the musicians here are well-versed in their chosen craft, and the breadth of their musical vision has led to them picking up support from a number of different areas. Whether sharing the stage with true metal titans such as Slayer or taking a coveted spot on the punk-driven Warped Tour of the US, SLS have the ability to turn heads and make a mark… something that comes across in full on their latest ‘The Fight Of Our Lives’ album… 

Produced by Johnny K (3 Doors Down, Disturbed etc.), ‘The Fight…’ never chooses to play it safe, going from hugely emotional compositions such as ‘Ashes In 

The Wind’ right through to the pure, unbridled mayhem of album opener, ‘Tear Down The Sky’. Over the top of this, Alexis – voted one of rock’s ‘50 Most Influential Artists’ by Kerrang! magazine – delivers straight from the heart, showing that she’s far, far more than just a pretty face. Stitch that!

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