Santa Cruz

Band Background

The Finnish hard-rock phenomenon Santa Cruz formed in 2007, inspired by such greats as Skid Row and Guns 'N´Roses. After a few line-up changes and two demos the boys Taz (20, drums), Archie (20, lead vocals & lead guitars), Middy (20, bass) and Johnny (21,lead guitars) self-produced the EP "Anthems For The Young´N´Restless" (2011) and a music video for the title track. With the EP they achieved international media attention, incl. Classic Rock magazine & national television in Finland, played well over a 100 shows, and scored a world-wide record deal with Spinefarm Records. 
In 2012 The Cruz Boys began working on their highly anticipated debut-album, entitled Screaming For Adrenaline. The sound of Santa Cruz is now getting it's wings, as they blend their influence of the 80´s and early 90´s Hard Rock sound with elements of modern Rock and Metal and put it in their own special blender.
What you get is pure adrenaline and attitude in the form of honest Rock ´N´ Roll, not to mention a virtuosic level of musicianship, especially with the flashy guitar work of Archie & Johnny. The band are out to stir the masses with their ground-breaking debut album. The chant in the debut single "Relentless Renegades" quotes Julius Caesar, "We Came, We Saw, We Conquered!": and these hard-rock renegades certainly will.

“Never mind that they are young, cuz the matter of the fact is, that Santa Cruz definitely sticks out from all these retro hair metal bands running around nowadays. Not only do they have the attitude and the looks, but most importantly they sure as hell know how to play and the songs along with the awesome guitar playing pretty much makes me wanna bang my head in two pieces when I see them play live. And after all that’s what its all about. End of fucking story!!!”

Nothing Compares To You

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