Band Background

It is only once in a blue moon that you get to hear such a leap of improvement between a band’s debut and their sophomore album, but on “The Gift Of Life” Dreamshade present the sound of progression. New singer Kevin Calì (who has been in the band since October 2011) has indeed brought to the band "The Gift Of Life". Whereas the debut album “What Silence Hides” showcased the energy, musicianship and technical prowess of a young up-and-coming melodeth outfit, more song oriented in nature and emotively powerful "The Gift Of Life" not only has the chops, but also the hooks, the melodies, the catchiness and the expressiveness that separate the leaders of the genre from the followers. With “The Gift Of Life” Dreamshade take their place in the front line of international metal.

In September 2010 the band signed with Spinefarm Records/Universal Music.  During the summer of 2012 they recorded their 2nd album "The Gift Of Life" (which dropped on January 25th, 2013). The production and recording of "The Gift Of Life" was done in the band's own studio while Jacob Hansen (Denmark) took care of the mixing and mastering. Videos were shot for the songs "Photographs" and "Consumed Future". The lead single "Photographs" has been released in October 2012 followed by the second one in January 2013.

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