19 Feb 2014

Sparzanza: The new album 'Circle' out on March 28th

Sparzanza: The new album 'Circle' out on March 28th

The stygian Swedish hard rockers release their 7th album 'Circle' at the end of March. The overall sound of the album is the most natural sounding in their discography. The drum sound is in your face without being unnatural dry. The use of alternate tunings on the guitars has created a different sound than on the previous albums and the dark feel that was present on the”Death is Certain, Life is Not” album is more subtle this time around, “Circle” is in overall the most brutal album in the SPARZANZA catalog. It has a rawness and special edge to it that we are really happy to have achieved.

What’s inside the Circle?
It is also the most varied and dynamic album SPARZANZA have ever produced.
Not only that it contains the most brutal-and rawest-songs-and-grooves-that-will-make-heads-bang they have ever written, it also shows a different side on their songwriting skills that is different from what’s been done before. Although it still has the SPARZANZA trade mark sense of melodies. Fredrik Weileby has outdone himself with the most impressive vocal performances ever.

The first sample of the album is the single and video 'Underneath My Skin'. A song with melodies most bands would die for. The single basically has everything that you could expect from a great SPARZANZA track – just a little bit more in every aspect…. Watch the video here.

The 11 gloomy pins pricking your soul are called:
1. Bradycardia (cd only)
2. Pine Barrens
3. Underneath My Skin
4. Breathe
5. Into The Unknown
6. The Contract
7. Enemy Of My Enemy
8. As I Go Away
9. Black
10. Death Don't Spare No Lives
11. Do What Thou Wilt

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