16 Jul 2014



Electric Wizard, who recently revealed the title and artwork for their Spinefarm Records debut album, premiere the first new music from “Time to Die” with the song "I am Nothing", streaming now via the Spinefarm Records Soundcloud…


EW guitarist / vocalist Jus Oborn has said of the track, which harnesses the dark underground death metal spirit of 1984:-

"It was the year I became a metal-head. It was heavy shit for real – there was no way you were ever going to get a decent job. So I became a Satanist, I dug up a grave, I got into tape-trading, I had a one-man noise/black/death metal band called Regurgitated Guts, and there were loads of documentaries on TV warning us not to listen to the devil's music..."

Produced by Oborn, the new album was recorded at Toe Rag Studios in East London, with analogue gear used exclusively throughout, with finishing touches done at Skyhammer Studio in "deepest, darkest" Cheshire by Chris Fielding.

28 Apr 2014

The first official Finntroll live album out in June

Natten med de levande Finntroll - June 13th
The first official Finntroll live album out in June

A tireless touring act, the unquenchably thirsty trolls have wreaked damage on stages big and small in all the corners of the Earth. Yet until now there has never been an official Finntroll live recording available anywhere. Finally, Friday the 13th of June 2014 will witness the uncaging of the live album “Natten Med De Levande Finntroll” (Night with the living Finntroll), the exhibit of what a cadre of alcohol-fueled trolls can do when leashed upon a live audience.

This is Finntroll in full flight as witnessed on stage at Amsterdam's Melkweg venue on September 20th, 2008; violently energetic, blatantly in your face, stark-barking-mad and fun as a barrel of monkeys!

The total running time for “Natten Med De Levande Finntroll” is 78.57 and the tracklisting goes like this:
1. Kitteldags
2. Slaget Vid Blodsälv
3. Blodnatt
4. Nedgång
5. Nattfödd
6. Ursvamp
7. Eliytres
8. Aldhissla
9. Jaktens Tid
10. Rivfader
11. Korpens Saga
12. Trollhammaren
13. Fiskarens Fiende
14. Svartberg
15. Försvinn Du Som Lyser
16. Midnattens Widunder
17. En Mäktig Här
18. Det Iskalla Trollblodet
19. Segersång

Worldwide preorders from Levykauppa Äx

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25 Mar 2014

Brother Firetribe: Diamond In The Firepit

Brother Firetribe: Diamond In The Firepit

Brother Firetribe's third studio album Diamond In The Firepit will be released May 2nd in Finland/Europe, May 3rd in The UK, June 3rd in North America and June 4th in Japan. The album will be released as CD, limited LP with red vinyl and as a download/stream. 

1. Intro

2. Love Is Not Enough
3. Far Away from Love
4. For Better or for Worse
5. Desperately
6. Edge Of Forever
7. Hanging by a Thread
8. Trail of Tears
9. Winner Takes It All
10. Tired of Dreaming
11. Reality Bites
12. Close To the Bone

Preorder from Record Store Äx
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The new single "For Better Or For Worse" also available at Spotify

Brothers Firetribe @ facebook


19 Feb 2014

Sparzanza: The new album 'Circle' out on March 28th

Sparzanza: The new album 'Circle' out on March 28th

The stygian Swedish hard rockers release their 7th album 'Circle' at the end of March. The overall sound of the album is the most natural sounding in their discography. The drum sound is in your face without being unnatural dry. The use of alternate tunings on the guitars has created a different sound than on the previous albums and the dark feel that was present on the”Death is Certain, Life is Not” album is more subtle this time around, “Circle” is in overall the most brutal album in the SPARZANZA catalog. It has a rawness and special edge to it that we are really happy to have achieved.

What’s inside the Circle?
It is also the most varied and dynamic album SPARZANZA have ever produced.
Not only that it contains the most brutal-and rawest-songs-and-grooves-that-will-make-heads-bang they have ever written, it also shows a different side on their songwriting skills that is different from what’s been done before. Although it still has the SPARZANZA trade mark sense of melodies. Fredrik Weileby has outdone himself with the most impressive vocal performances ever.

The first sample of the album is the single and video 'Underneath My Skin'. A song with melodies most bands would die for. The single basically has everything that you could expect from a great SPARZANZA track – just a little bit more in every aspect…. Watch the video here.

The 11 gloomy pins pricking your soul are called:
1. Bradycardia (cd only)
2. Pine Barrens
3. Underneath My Skin
4. Breathe
5. Into The Unknown
6. The Contract
7. Enemy Of My Enemy
8. As I Go Away
9. Black
10. Death Don't Spare No Lives
11. Do What Thou Wilt

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